Double Dose Track of the Week: Cherri V ‘Situationship’ & Kara Marni ‘L Word’

The London R&B scene is continuously churning out some of the best musical talent out. This FACT is currently on proud display. With some phenomenal albums and EPs being released from pretty much day 1 of 2018. Watch this space for a post on all the releases you need to catch up on.

In the meantime, we had to share fave tracks from 2 of May’s stand-out releases. Kara Marni’s Love Just Aint Enough and Cherri V’s Brown Eyed Soul Vol 1 EP are distinctly each singer but equally brilliant. Both are single-worthy song packed and end too soon, with 7 tracks each. Both offer a blend of up-tempo bangers with mellow crooning. Marni goes for pop-edged Soul, while Cherri thrives in her unique lyrical contemporary R&B.

Both are so good, we had to serve you a double dose track of the week. From Kara, it’s an up-tempo single penned Love Just Ain’t EnoughFrom  Cherri, it’s her collaboration featuring the soothing tones of Sincerely Wilson, Situationship.

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