Track of the Week: Moses Sumney ‘Quarrel’

Aromanticism, the debut album by the golden-voiced Moses Sumney released 22 September, is an 11-song delicately morose masterpiece. Sumney manages to balance showcasing lush acrobatic vocals in a way that brilliantly supports the beautifully-crafted music.

Perhaps, the most recently released single, Quarrel, is the best demonstration of this tender juggling act. Backed by increasingly rousing rock-tinged, Jazz music, Sumney’s voice weaves between tempos, cadence and impact, delicately offering his falsetto where it adds to the experience.

Like the album, it’s simply stunning music where Sumney takes you on a journey. This time, about the oxy-moronic labelling of a ‘lover’s quarrel’ where all love has, in fact, been lost. Listen down below for a wonderful intro to the world of Aromanticism.