Track of the Week: Lylo Gold ‘Starry Night’

London grinder and singer extraordinaire, Lylo Gold, will be headlining our first live music event, OPEN MUSIC  but she’s also recently released her first ‘official’ single available on streaming platforms, ‘Starry Night’. Lylo Gold’s ‘Starry Night’ is a dreamy alternative R&B cut produced by XVR BLCK. Featuring Lylo’s stunningly beautiful vocals, the track brings on memories of the best of Jhene Aiko.

“The song is about human nature… our inability as humans, to appreciate beauty without feeling the need to own or have the things that we find beautiful” Lylo explained. “So the stars shine for everyone, but everyone wants to own a star, unable to recognise that if they did that it would stop the night sky from being so beautiful”.

Listen to Lylo Gold’s ‘Starry Night’ and bask in the celestial brilliance below. Watch her perform this and other singles from her debut EP at OPEN MUSIC this weekend.

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