Mood: R&B Bubble Bath

Long day? The Blues Project is here to help.

Running a bath is an under-appreciated art – you’ve gotta get it warm enough to give you that melty feeling but not so hot that you fry yourself, you’ve gotta put the right amount of bubbles and bath salts (no one wants to soak themselves in a gravel pit), you’ve gotta position your speakers/phone so they don’t get wet and of course you’ve gotta play the right playlist!

That’s why we’ve made a playlist of some of the silkiest, smoothest R&B beats we can find. Slow jams to soothe troubled muscles and an aching mind. We’ve also got an R&B / Soul group theme going on with this week’s playlist. Prince’s shimmering protégés, KING, the Odd Future-affiliated Soul group, The Internet, Australian ‘future Soul’ group, Hiatus Kaiyote are all featured. All three are up and coming groups with some of the most differentiated, inspired sounds in R&B / Soul music today. And of course, it’d be disrespectful to not put D’angelo, the granddaddy of all things silky and smooth, on there twice, now wouldn’t it?

Treat yourself – you’ve earned it.

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