Mood: Alt Vibes

So what exactly is ‘alternative R&B’ or ‘alternative soul’, you may have wondered?

As with most things, it depends.


The term ‘alternative R&B’ is sometimes used to refer to a wide range of R&B / Soul music that includes any R&B / Soul that is distinct from the sound of ‘mainstream’ contemporary R&B. When used in this way, it refers to anything from The Weeknd’s more pop-friendly R&B sound to ‘trap soul’ popularised by Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanezthat is outside the realms of what would usually be considered contemporary R&B (think K. Michelle, Tyrese, Tank, Monica, Tamar Braxton, etc).

But our ‘Mood’ playlist this week is about the even more ‘alternative’ or hipster brand of Alternative R&B. Songs with airy, floaty, slightly psychedelic and sometimes dark melodies. Basically, really out-of-the-box sounds. The artists featured here are not afraid to experiment with some truly unusual sounds and we’ve put together the best of their work for a killer playlist! Most are up-and-coming, but show immense potential to break through and take their brand of R&B mainstream with the great attention they show to true artistry. Their music is honest and their sound is unique, but addictive.

Moods: Perfect if you need some mellow tunes to chill out to, great background music as you’re about the house or for deep meaningful music that gets you thinking.


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