New RnB Songs February 2020 - Kristina Alcordo, Terrace Martin, Ojerime, Cleo Sol
L-R: Kristina Alcordo, Terrace Martin, Ojerime, Cleo Sol

On The Wave: The Tunes We Can’t Stop Playing February 2020

As the first month of the new decade closes, we’ve curated the best of January’s dope R&B / Soul single releases. Listen to them all on the latest update of our On The Wave playlist below.

Ojerime – Empty

After dropping her debut EP 4U in 2018, and then taking some time away from music, the talented R&B songstress, Ojerime is back in a big way with her new single Empty. The soulfully enthused track embodies Ojerime’s brilliant ability to storytell, as she depicts her position in love.

She floats infectiously, offering honey smooth vocals over a laid-back, yet punchy 808s influenced beat. Covering depression, gender and internal thoughts, the track’s contextual range is impressive. Empty is set to appear on Ojerime’s forthcoming project due later in the year. The single certainly sets the tone for the flood of feels and emotions in store for us. 

Speaking on the track’s, Ojerime added, “Empty is a freestyle about being drained in every area of life, from friendships, career and love life. I offload all of this in a convoluted way because I’m going through so many emotions when writing this. The lyrics are relatable but the overall message is quite cryptic and personal to me.”

Kristina Alcordo feat. Nathan Bajar – Ride or Die

We’ve waxed lyrical many a time about the R&B talent from Toronto and singer, Kristina Alcordo is a prime example of what all the talk is for. Her first release since 2018, Alcordo is back with a smooth and intimate single, Ride or Die.

The track exemplifies Kristina at her soulful best as she vocally glides across a laid back, stripped, guitar-led beat. Accompanied by singer Nathan Bajar, the pair make for a beautifully romantic soulful tune. The chemistry between Alcordo and Najar remains fluid and is never forced. Definitely a song with huge replay value in 2020.

JU-LIA – Addicted

Based in Amsterdam with French roots, JU-LIA is a blossoming soul singer / songwriter. Slowly bubbling, paving a lane in her own right, this month she released her new single, Addicted.

From the soulfully eclectic intro at the beginning of the track to the moment JU-LIA sings, “I think I’m going crazy, I been thinking about you lately and this drinks got me so wavey”, it pleads for an instant wheel up.

Speaking about creating the track she explained, “I honestly just wrote this based on the mysterious vibes of the beat. Had this chorus in mind and then started writing the rest. Sometimes there’s not really an inspiration but I do always write about my own feelings
Addicted is a truly captivating track from start to finish. Sonically mellow, yet powerfully poignant and full of true soul. Added to this are butter smooth vocals.

Cleo Sol – Butterfly

Cleo Sol is back. Yes, it’s made our 2020 and with a brilliant single at that. Butterfly is full of effortless soul. Cleo’s sweet tones hit home as she floats all over the beat. As usual Cleo Sol it is not just about sonics, lyrically she dazzles with hard hitting lines which truly resonate.

The very chilled acoustic guitar led production, fleshes all things back for Cleo to really hone in on her message. A message of love, empowerment and belief she provides this through a tender, vocal performance. Simplicity is everything here.

Video director Dan 33, captures this vision with a very simple but powerful visual which ties in again to the direction of the track. Cleo, being the focal point, standing alone, standing strong. The song’s organic vibes are again something that rings strong both visually and sonically, leading brilliantly into an overall theme of self being enough. Cleo Sol again showcases on Butterfly why she is such a talent and is an artist that always provides a succinct message through her art.

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