Knyves Escobar - Lost Alternative R&B

Knyves Escobar says it how it is on ‘Lost’, Track of the Week

Marylander and Alternative R&B singer-songwriter Knyves Escobar, is back strong in 2020 with the new track, Lost. If you don’t know the name, worry not but get familiar with Knyves Escobar quick.

2019 was a progressive year for Escobar, as she released three great singles – Hechizo, New Eyes & Phantom Limb. Lost is another firm soulful step in the right direction.

Lost tells the story of love and being lost in that space. Knyves not only showcases vivid storytelling lyrically, vocally, she amazes throughout with an innovative alternative R&B soulful beat providing a smooth backdrop. Melodically dreamy, the track delightfully intrigues from the moment you press play.

Speaking on what inspired the track Knyves explains, “Lost for me changed titles a couple times. At first I didn’t want people to think, ‘Wow, this is a song about drinking’, when in reality it’s about escapism. This song is about voluntarily losing yourself”. 

It’s clear from all of the material Knyves Escobar has released, that she is an artist that oozes Soul and one that is firmly carving out a lane of her own within the world or alternative R&B. The independent artist is making solid strides single after single, and if the release of ‘Lost’ is anything to go by, 2020 is set to be strong year for her and we are very pleased to be watching her journey.

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