On The Wave: The New Tunes We Can’t Stop Playing August 2019

We come bearing news of heaps of delectable R&B music every month, but August 2019, has taken the cake. Arguably the most fruitful month of the year, read on for the reasons below.

Emmavie takes us on a 'Honeymoon'

A TBP fave producer, singer-songwriter and musician extraordinaire, Emmavie, finally released her looonngg anticipated debut album, Honeymoon, this month and it’s well and truly worth the wait.


The multi-talented musician produced the entire album, a brilliantly cohesive body of work. Sonically, Honeymoon oozes sensuality and embodies modern soul at its finest, drawing from jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul. Thematically, it focuses on the early stages of love as the title suggests, but Emmavie illustrates this in her ever relatable and endearing manner. It’s packed with several smooth bangers across tempos making for endless replay value throughout.


Accompanied by a flawlessly rich vocal range, catchy melodies and lyrics that thoroughly resonate, Honeymoon is easily one of the best soul records you will hear all 2019. For an album that sounds like nothing you’ve quite heard before, we genuinely urge everyone to give this incredibly talented artist a spin. You’re ears will be endlessly grateful. 

Baby Rose bares all on her debut album 'To Myself'

Let’s face it, genuinely unique artists are very few and far between in modern-day music. That said, when they do appear, they truly stand out and their influence is simply contagious. This is truly the case with Atlanta soul singer, Baby Rose. 

Not only is she a singer with a truly capacious vocal range, it’s the monumental tone of voice which rings out from the off with huge comparisons already being made to the great Nina Simone. That said, it’s where the comparisons stop as Baby Rose is truly her own artist.


On To Myself, Baby Rose’s thoughts range from love, relationships, growth and evolving personally. Collectively all highly relatable topics. Baby Rose provides organic R&B to the finest degree on this debut and is an artist positioned in a truly unique space in Soul Music. One that is invigoratingly 2019 but draws from the richness of old Soul in ways you haven’t quite felt before. 

You can catch Baby Rose live in the flesh as she will be opening for Snoh Aalegra in her forthcoming European Tour this September.

Mac Ayres opens up his 'Juicebox'

The multi-talented 21 year old, returned with his third project in consecutive years and Juicebox clearly illustrates that Mac is here to stay. Sonically, the project further cements his importance to the new wave of experimental Soul Music. Juicebox not only is an authentically soulful album, one of its major plus points is its ability to sound cohesive yet remain distinctive with no two tracks sounding the same.


With production contributions from the likes of 9th Wonder as well as track features from the likes of Tiffany Gouché, this album is one you most certainly need to get familiar with.


Watch a live set of one of the tracks from Juicebox titled Summertime, above. Enjoy!

Snoh Aalegra returns to remind us of Ugh, Those Feels Again

Snoh Aalegra is back in a huge way with her sophomore album, Ugh, Those Feels Again. The soulful singer-songwriter set the tone with her phenomenal debut LP Feels in 2017 and progresses very well on this album.


An artist with vivid and at times vulnerable lyrics, Snoh Aalegra exemplifies everything right about R&B soul in 2019. As the title of the album suggests, Ugh, Those Feels Again is an immediately relatable project which touches on all facets of love. Ranging from the reluctance to put oneself through the difficulty of falling in love to the upside of what good love brings. Aalegra vocally delivers an arsenal of range accompanied by a backdrop of eclectic yet soulful production throughout. You can catch Snoh Aalegra live as she embarks on her European Tour this September with ticket information here.


Check out the visuals from the lead single off the album titled, I Want You Around, below.

So there you have it, on the whole, August’s made us truly happy people with the new music it delivered and there’s still more of it. Below are a few other soulful projects which are also very much worth checking out.

SiR – Chasing Summer

Joy Postell – Back and Forth EP

Nao Yoshioka – Undeniable 

Zo! – FourFront

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