Track of the week: Madison McFerrin reminds us all to ‘Try’

The Brooklyn singer-songwriter recently announced a new EP titled, ‘You + I’ which is set for release on November 5th. Try is the lead single off the project and touches on the ability to continue on despite any form of external backlash or unacceptance. She performed the track pre-release for COLORS a few months ago.

Madison explains, “I wrote this song not just to remind myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to, but to remind everyone else. Sometimes we just need an extra push. You get to decide how your story ends. I’m incredibly grateful for the community that has joined me on my journey.”

A monumentally relatable topic and brilliantly executed by Madison on this single, with poignant visuals to match. It’s the slice of neo-Neo-Soul you need in your life. Looking forward to hearing the full EP as well as tracking her future progress. 

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