On The Wave: The New Tunes We Can’t Stop Playing February 2019

2019 R&B music is already heating up plenty and as per usual, we’ve got the playlist to commemorate.

New music from the Ones to Watch in 2019

Summer Walker returns with 'Clear' EP

We open up this month’s playlist with Summer Walker’s Grave, a track off her new EP Clear. Clear was released January 25th, a fairly speedy follow up to her October 2018 debut album, Last Days of Summer. Clear is a 4-track collection of live track performances from the singer that was one of 2018’s emerging R&B highlights. Showcasing her ability to bring jazz and R&B elements together, with raw, unflinching lyricism. Grave is a peak example of the EP’s subtle brilliance. Clear’s release was accompanied by a visual live performance of the entire EP. Moody, sultry with other-worldly ambience, be sure to check the performance above.

Tiana Major9 delivers Rehearsal @ NINE

Tiana Major9 also kicked off 2019 with Rehearsal @ NINEher long-anticipated debut EP. Rehearsal @ NINE is a banging and true homage to Jazz that remains relevant to the sound of today. It’s quite simply just the stuff good music is made of – incredibly lush production, thoughtful lyrics with the richest of voices. All 6 tracks deserve your tracks, but the stand-outs are the previously released Mr Mysterious and Cat & Mouse. Cat & Mouse is featured on this month’s On The Wave playlist.

Reminiscence EP - Joy Crookes

Same day as Tiana Major9’s and Summer Walker’s efforts, UK R&B breakout, Joy Crookes also delivered her Reminiscence EP. As the title denotes, Reminiscence looks back on her roots, history and relationships, inspired by a January 2018 first-time visit to Bangladesh. It harks back to the days of the blues and psychedelic soul, but is fresh and current with R&B / Hip Hop edges. Our fave pick, Man’s World gets an On The Wave spot this month.

Not EPs but still dope

2019 has also brought several stand-out R&B singles. Some special mentions must go to 

Shae Universe – Tell Me The Truth

Mahalia – Do Not Disturb

Sincerely Wilson – Easy to Love

Helen Hailu – Can I

Jvck James – Wave


Get into all the good stuff below. All the new R&B music you need in your life.


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