Track of the Week: LION BABE & Leikeli47’s ‘The Wave’ is the funk-fuelled anthem we need to start the summer off just right

All signs point to a LION BABE summer album and we couldn’t be more ready. From the top of the year, LION BABE has been dropping new singles every couple of weeks. And now the duo is back with the anthem that potentially sets the tone for what to expect from the project. Teaming up with Leikeli47 whose verse packs in that punch only rap can bring, LION BABE’s  The Wave is a summer-anthem a month or two too early, perfectly creating a yearning for the weather to catch up.

LION BABE and Leikeli47’s The Wave looked to 80s-style funk for that sure-fire top-down summer road trip drive vibe. We’ve seen the formula before, but it wins everytime. LION BABE have carved a really unique lane out for themselves and new music from them will always be supremely welcome. Especially if it gets us on our feet like this.

Listen to LION BABE and Leikeli47’s now below. We’re guessing a video is soon to follow featuring the goddess beauty of Jillian on full display per usual.

What else is hot?

Jorja Smith’s COLORS show performance of Blue Lights. Captures the tender brilliance of the song we fell in love with. Watch below.

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