Cause Black Lives Matter. (Featured Playlist)


Watching the events of the past week has been hard for many of us. No one seriously believed that instances of black men dying at the hands of police brutality was a thing of the past, but it was a new low to be reeling from despair at one incident to wake up the next morning to another tragedy, this time with a child as a witness. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s represented new depths of the absurd for all right-thinking observers. It is quite frankly terrifying that each instance of police brutality against black men appears to be even more senseless in its brutality than the last.

Black Lives Matter playlist - The Blues Project

Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be a ‘thing’ in 2016, but the unfortunate truth is that it is so chronically necessary. More so than ever, we are confronted with the reality that there is a crisis that needs to be addressed. The Blues Project stands in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the thousands that have risked their lives and well-being in protest of this dangerous status quo. We all have a range of feelings about the situation from anger, to despair, to hopelessness, anguish, defiance and maybe even mis-directed hate sometimes. But we truly feel that music is not only an outlet for expressing these feelings, but a hugely significant voice for change. Several artists have voiced their protest in words and song, channeling their feelings through their art. We’ve created a playlist of these songs of hope and protest, for hope that this helps at least some people deal with their emotions.

But the gravity of the need for activism and the Black Lives Matter movement must not be underplayed. The poem below is a powerful reminder of this. Written by Sore Agbaje, The Blues Project is honoured to share this piece with you. Read and be encouraged, enlightened, empowered.

R.I.P Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the thousands of black men that have fallen victim to police brutality.

*Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death Black and breathing

Praise God in the Chapel

I still fear evil

Though God be with me*


The bullet confuses my womb for a casket

Speaks in a tongue of genocide

Bullet ask me how I black and love

How I give my unborn child a hashtag before a name

Love not just the flesh but the bones of him

Bullet think me reckless

Calls my love the blueprint to a funeral

Like I don’t watch the news

Don’t know that this is a black hole

That sun and gun stick to melanin the same


Bullet tells me about the rain

How it swells the gutters

Washes away the silent sins of a shot like the black body’s blood was never there

Because the black body’s blood was never there

At least that’s what the headlines read

Bullet announces himself as a holy house of history

Gives my breath a name

Calls it a consignment shop mistakes my body as a chewing stick

As though a temple forgot to be divine


If I die in police custody I am afraid these poems will be mistaken as a suicide wish

If they dare speak my history silent

Tell them I was an anthem of praise

Black woman learning to reclaim space:

I said to the doors closed in my face, “unhinge yourself, I belong here”

If I die in police custody tell them every breath I took was a howl at the wind


I will not give in to genocide

I will not give in to genocide

I will not give in to genocide

I will not give in to genocide

I will not give in to genocide


Silence in the face of oppression is violence

Your silence aids and abets genocide

Your silence makes you a war criminal

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