Round-up 31/05: Ro James’ ‘Eldorado’, Eri Soul’s ‘Emotion’, Joyce Wrice ‘Stay Around’ and More

2. Eri Soul lets us in on her ‘Emotions’


Eri Soul - The Blues Project


Representing for the ladies this week was Eri Soul, an Atlanta-based emerging R&B / Soul singer and song-writer with her debut E.P. Emotions. We’re honestly super-excited about the things Eri could go on to do. The word that keeps coming to mind with her is refreshing – her vibe, her sound, her chords, her voice, her lyrics, the way her music is infuses a range of genres. There’s something refreshingly unique about her. There’s no point waxing lyrical about it, but definitely give her a listen below. Emotions is a really strong debut.


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