Beginnings: The Blues Project

Welcome to The Blues Project.

R&B / Soul music is in a great place – two of the best-selling singers of 2015 (The Weeknd and Adele) sit in the genre, as do some of the most buzzed-about singers, Kehlani, Bryson Tiller and Sza. R&B / Soul is clearly thriving. But there’s no doubt that it no longer sits as prominently in the mainstream music scene as it once did. Today, top 40 charts are dominated by pop, EDM and hip hop, exemplified by the fact that Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ music discovery feature does not have a category dedicated to R&B (it has a hip hop/R&B category that is dominated by hip hop).

 ” The Blues Project is the voice of

emerging soul talent,

giving that talent a platform 

to showcase its distinct brand of cool “


But with Soul music more vibrant than ever before, The Blues Project presents the renaissance of R&B / Soul by showcasing the genre’s freshest talent. Today, the genre spans wide from traditional soul music, to contemporary R&B, bass-heavy blues, alternative R&B right through to trap soul. Soul music is expanding to new realms, while paying homage to its traditional sound. We’ve selected our ‘Freshmen’ who represent this colourful spectrum – 10 up-and-coming singers with unique sounds, immense creativity and all-round great artistry. We’ve given these rising stars dedicated sections on the site and a chance for you to see behind the music and artist in a way never done before.  The Blues Project is the voice of emerging soul talent, giving that talent a platform to showcase its distinct brand of cool. Watch out for the launch of our Blues Freshmen section!

In the meantime, visit our Blues Pulse section for the latest in the world of Soul. You can expect weekly doses of carefully curated content that speaks to our heart, emotions and experiences as only R&B does:

‘Mood’ – Our carefully-curated playlists for different everyday moments

‘Musings’ – (Slightly random) thoughts on things in the blues and music world

‘Weekly round-up’ – The top 5 R&B / Soul music news stories of the week

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